Tuesday, May 17

life update: moving

A lot can happen in seven months, can't it?

Here's what's been going on in my world:

1. Got a new job in a city that's not Nashville
2. Moved to city that's not Nashville
3. Currently living in city that's not Nashville

If you've been following me on Snapchat or Instagram and have read my latest blog posts, you've probably picked up that I moved from Nashville to Lexington, KY. It's been a transition in more ways than one, for sure. My boyfriend lives in Lexington, and I'd been planning on making the move at some point in 2016, but I figured that it would happen at the beginning of the summer, when my Nashville apartment lease ended. That way, I could have plenty of time to soak in Nashville, eat at my favorite restaurants, and hang as much as possible with my friends. But God's timing was so different than my timing. Instead I was offered a job in November at a very large company in Lexington that I just couldn't pass up. I found an apartment, made a 3 week long Nashville bucket list that included stuffing myself with as much food as humanly possible, and by January 1st, I was living in Lexington. Eeeek!

It's been a whirlwind and a journey. I went from a long distance relationship to a very close distance relationship (we live less than 5 minutes away). I'm living on my own for the first time, which is something I actually quite enjoy, most of the time (but I do miss my Nashville roomie!) And I've had to make new friends, which in my opinion is one of the hardest parts of the 20-something life.

While I do miss Nashville almost every day, every day gets a little bit easier. There is a lot to love about Lexington (Keeneland, for example), and I love being in the same city as my significant other - so worth it! Part of the reason I began blogging again is to get more connected with Lexington, and I really think it's going to help. Already I've found some gems! After a slight breakdown last week, I focused on the positive things and realized just how lucky I am in so many ways. I may not be in Music City, but I am in Horse Country, and that's cool in it's own, unique way. 



Blogger Ashley Greenwell said...

Excited for all the fun changes in your life! Lexington will be great— I’ve always wanted to visit the horse races and Kentucky is such a beautiful state!

Blogger Rachel {Love This Life} said...

Thank you! Let me know if you ever make it to Lexington - happy to give restaurant suggestions and I'd love to meet up!

Blogger Silex In The City said...

Boy you've had a lot going on. Congrats on all of these exciting endeavors!

Blogger Kindly Kentucky said...

Welcome to Lexington! I'm originally from Nashville and visit there often (and sometimes have the urge to move), but Lexington is a great city that just keeps getting better! xo Laura

Blogger Rachel {Love This Life} said...

Thank you! It's been just a little busy :)

Blogger Rachel {Love This Life} said...

Thank you!!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Moving is so much work...it's not my favorite despite how many times I have accomplished this task. Enjoy your new city and happy nesting in your new digs!


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