Monday, May 16

What I Wore Vol. 5: Striped Dress

Monday again! It seems like the weekends just fly by, doesn't it?! I had a fun weekend here in Lexington. Some girlfriends and I went to Middle Fork Kitchen & Bar Friday night, had a few drinks and eventually sang karaoke at a college bar... yes. Yesterday was so productive with church-going, grocery shopping, blog prepping, and lunch making! I just love when I have a productive Sunday.

dress (similar, similar, similar), shoes (old, similar), ring, purseearrings

So I love this dress. I picked it up at the Gap about a month ago and if Gap's site would actually work, I'd link to it. It's so comfortable and when I'm feeling a little more fancy, I add a brown leather braided belt with it, ground breaking, I know! But I went to church and ran errands yesterday, so no belt it was. Comfort was key. 

And y'all, these booties. I bought them at Target like 2 years ago and I'm still kicking myself for not buying like 10 pairs. I wear them constantly and I'll probably wear them until they fall apart.

I should never be a hand model, they're all wrinkly and I'm blaming it on a lack of sunscreen application on my hands while living in Hilton Head. But let's focus on the ring. Isn't it just the prettiest?! I love Julie Vos' pieces - so unique and timeless. 

This is just fun. See y'all tomorrow! 

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Blogger Annie Reeves said...

So cute! Always love a good striped dress!


Blogger Rachel {Love This Life} said...

Well thanks, Annie! Your outfit post is pretty cute too! Hope your weekend in Nashville was the BEST!


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