Wednesday, June 22

roasted corn and tomato pasta salad

I'm actually not lying when I say that some of my happiest moments and greatest joy revolves around food. I mean, it's just so tasty! And a great meal usually involves great drinks and company, hence happy moments. This weekend I was at Burger Up with friends and having a happy moment, because naturally we were discussing food! My friend Cobb had a recent birthday dinner at Mangia in Nashville and was describing this one pasta they had and literally, my mouth was watering. Because, foods! So that night when I got back into Lex, the first thing I did was go to the grocery and attempt to recreate it. And while I might have varied a few things and Mangia's version is probs way better than mine, I think this is an excellent weekday lunch or summertime side. Easy to make for big groups, or just for yourself. 

Roasted Corn & Tomato Pasta Salad


2 c noodle of choice
2 ears of corn off the cob, roasted
2 chopped tomatoes
Chopped basil
Fresh mozzarella
Olive oil

Boil noodles, assemble other ingredients, and toss with olive oil and salt and pepper. Serve warm or cold.

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