Thursday, August 6

ending of a sweet sweet summer...

Wow, its hard to believe I only have one more week left in hilton head. While I can't wait to get home and see my family and get back to school and see all my friends again, there is an undeniable sadness at the thought of leaving.

This summer has really been one of the best of my life. I have met some of the greatest, down to earth people and have had a blast spending time with them. This job has taught me a lot, and not just how to dig an 18 inch hole in the sand or spot sharks. I have grown up a lot and found out much more about myself (sitting in high chair gives a lot of thinnking time). At the beginning of the summer I was caught up in many of the little things that don't really matter but as the summer began, I was able to relax and see what really is important! I said at the beginning of summer I wouldn't come back next summer but that's changed! I definitely plan on it now.


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