Saturday, January 29


I can't deny that I'm an Illinois girl at heart. Growing up 10 minutes away from campus and going to basketball and football games since 4 months old will do that. However, I wouldn't say my friends at Indiana quite understand why I love Illinois. Why I would go to Indiana if I'm always cheering for a rival team?
On Thursday, Illinois played IU in Bloomington. My parents came for the game, decked in orange and blue. I was loyal to my school and wore cream and crimson. I cheered for both teams, maybe even pulling more for Illinois. Illinois was favored to win, and should have won by at least 15 points since IU was missing two starters, Maurice Creek and Verdell Jones. But Assembly Hall was rocking, the students were cheering, and Indiana was playing. And in the end, I couldn't lie and say I wasn't happy for IU beating their first ranked opponent in the Tom Crean era. Tom Crean is a fantastic coach with so much energy and excitement, and I actually am excited to see what he and the Hoosiers do in the next few years with top recruits like Cody Zeller. After all, this is Indiana... a basketball school, a national championship school. And how can you not love Indiana and get excited for Hoosier basketball when you have videos like Brice Fox and Daniel Weber's "This is IU"?


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