Thursday, February 10

weeks are flying by

It is crazy to think that we are almost halfway through February. While I'm not complaining - I can't wait to get out of this cold weather - I wouldn't mind if it slowed down just a little bit. There are so many things I have to check off my bucket list before graduation, but it seems like time is moving too fast! Luckily, I'll be checking one off in a few weeks with my Thetas... Mardi Gras in St. Louis! But there is still so much: Oliver Winery tasting, going to the quarries, visiting the Lilly Library, open to close at KOK, eating at a 4th Street restaurant, going to Keeneland in KY... the list goes on. Here's to the next couple of months and taking full advantage of everything Btown has to offer. I can't wait!

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