Thursday, October 27

it feels like christmas eve

Christmas isn't for another two months (although the commercials have started and we just got Nieman Marcus' Christmas Book), but I feel like today is Christmas Eve. Why? Because tomorrow I finally get to return to Indiana for HOMECOMING!

As an undergrad, I can't say I exactly appreciated homecoming the way alumni do. It was great, because we had fun themed parties every night of the week, and of course tailgating was out of control on gameday, but it wasn't anything unusual. If anything, I was more annoyed that all these alumni were crowding Kilroys and making the line that much longer to get drinks.

PINK team sophomore year... hot onesies, right?

Now, as an alum (eeek!) I totally get it, and will admit, I'll be one of those annoying alums at Kilroys. I haven't been to school since graduation, and when I left I was hysterically crying the entire way out of town, so I can't say I got my best "last look" at campus. Needless to say, I feel like a little girl on Christmas Eve, waiting for all the presents Santa brings in the morning. Except instead of Barbies and toys, my presents are Kilroys, tailgating, and my best, best friends. The majority of my best friends in college will be back for the weekend, and words cannot express how excited I am to see them. If this weekend is anything like my four years at IU, it is going to be one hell of a weekend with non stop fun and laughs. I. CAN. NOT. WAIT!!!!!

Bestests tailgating senior year
Junior year tailgate with my Theta sistaaaas


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