Thursday, October 20


Today is such a happy day! I am off to Kentucky to visit my long lost friends from home. Natalie is flying in from Dallas with friends, Bethany is coming from Chicago, Ali and Whitney from Cincinnati and Kaitlyn from Champaign. Oh how I cannot wait! We have not all been together since Christmas last year, so it is definitely time for a reunion. Now that we live so many different places, it's much more difficult to all come together. I'm glad we've finally made it work! These girls are the best of the best of friends. We've been together since we were 10. Back then we spent our long summer days at the pool, playing cards in the snack bar, having relay races off the diving board, terrorizing the golf and tennis pros (sorry), and playing Illinioply with the guards on rainy days. It's amazing that we have been able to keep the strong friendship and bonds that we have for over 10 years. The best part about our friendship is that we can go months and months without seeing each other, but when we finally do, it's like nothing has changed and we have spent no time apart.

 Can you tell how excited I am?!

Ali, Bethany, Natalie, myself, Whitney and Kaitlyn last year at CCC's Christmas Party :)


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