Thursday, March 15


Today at 9:45 pm ET, my Indiana Hoosiers will take on New Mexico State in the first round of the tourney (I'm sorry, I can't get used to the new "second and third round" terms). It's been long awaited, this return to the tournament, the return to being a contender in the tournament, the return to the way Indiana basketball has always been. Except, unlike the beginning of the season, Indiana is no longer on their "innocent climb" as Jay Bilas so well put it. They're back. And they're a team to beat. If I know anything about Tom Crean and the Hoosiers, they will enter this game tonight focused, prepared, and ready to win to make Indiana, Verdell Jones, and their entire fan base proud. Let's go Hoosiers :)

"Tom Crean, who inherited the worst situation a college basketball coach could ever have found, stood on the edge of the court, near the place where on this night 18 years before Knight said he wished to be buried upside down so his critics could kiss his backside. The new coach smiled, remembering the moment he met each of the players who would stick with him when everything else had fallen apart." - Les Carpenter, Yahoo Sports

"It's Indiana. It's Indiana."

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