Monday, March 26

Mad for Mad Men

Did you tune in to AMC to watch the highly anticipated Mad Men Season 5 premiere? You can bet that I did! After getting hooked on the show only last year, I have been waiting for the new season for what seems like forever. Naturally, I was ecstatic for Don, Betty, Pete, Roger, Joan, and Peggy to return. I wouldn't say that the episode was anything shocking or out of the ordinary, but it did catch us up with everyone and Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. I was surprised that their was no sign of Betty. I can't say that I particularly like her, but it seemed strange she wasn't in the premiere episode. Also - did anyone notice Megan's coral chevron coat she wore into the office after Don's surprise party? Because I was obsessed with it. I want one for myself :) Can't wait for next Sunday!

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