Friday, April 6

No Shopping for a Month

I'm doing it. I'm not going to buy anything for myself for a month.

I realize this is probably coming 40 days too late, as most people give something up during the season of Lent. Freshman year I told my Mom I was giving up Facebook for Lent, expecting her to be proud of me for giving up something very distracting and counterproductive. I got the opposite - she told me to get back on Facebook because as a Lutheran, I don't have to give anything up. So about 30 seconds later, I reactivated my account.

But this is for real. I really need to save my money, not spend it. I have more than enough clothes that I should really try to utilize different ways. The only things I'm REALLY wanting that I feel like would be an immediate asset to my wardrobe would be:

A pair of colorful pants for work, like these from J.Crew:


...And some colorful statement necklaces to add a pop of color to the neutrals in my closet

But I won't buy ANYTHING. So if you're feeling really generous or need a good birthday present for me.... follow these guidelines! Presents are always accepted :)

Happy Easter Weekend!


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