Tuesday, April 3

Weekend wrap up

A day or two late, but better late than never! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend - I know that I did! I was in Oxford, MS for a quick weekend visit with Patrick, but I couldn't be happier I went. The weather was finally cooperative with no rain and just sun, sun sun! On Saturday I experienced my first Ole Miss baseball game - so different than anything I ever witnessed at Indiana. Around 10,000 fans came out for the game, including students (imagine that!!!). Granted, Ole Miss was playing the No. 1 team - Florida, who they beat, by the way! - so the crowds made sense, but I was assured that kind of attendance was a regular thing.

The best part about Ole Miss baseball games that students sit in the outfield and since it is technically "off campus", we could enjoy the game while having a couple brewskies. In the event of a home run, all the students throw their beer in the air, resulting in a very beer soaked me. But it was extremely hot, so although I had to shower again, I was a teensy bit refreshed!! On our walk home I saw Faulkner's house (at least that's what Patrick told me), and a million other gorgeous, old, Southern homes. 

That night Patrick and I had dinner at Boure, an Oxford favorite, followed by watching the Kansas-Ohio State Final Four game at The Library and listening and dancing to the Mustache Band. Paris snagged some stick on mustaches from the band, which naturally resulted in us pretending to be Anthony Davis. All in all, very good weekend and I was sad to see Sunday come.  

This week has been crazy so far at work, but I have some good blog posts lined up (at least I think so!) so stay tuned! Happy Easter week!

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