Thursday, July 12

Can I Get the Time?

I recently saw a blog post somewhere (and I can't remember where!) on watches and it was the same idea - watches to splurge on and watches that are a steal. The thing that made me laugh was that the J.Crew Timex watch was listed as the steal at $150.00. Which, really, isn't a terrible price for a nice watch. The part that made me laugh is that Target carries an identical Timex watch for a fraction of the price at $34.99. I've seen it firsthand -- my brother has the J.Crew version and I have the Target version and there truly isn't a difference. Target's changeable straps are cheaper too, so you can mix up colors depending on your mood or outfit for only $6.99 per strap! I have white, lime green, pink, and navy and white striped, but am looking to get a more neutral, subtle color like an olive green for fall. Just another reason to love Target, as if there weren't enough already!

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