Wednesday, August 8

Love to Save

If you haven't heard, polka dots are all the rage this fall. (Hey look, another post about fall clothing!) And it never hurts to invest in another sweater to live in your closet. Yesterday I stopped in Old Navy on my hunt to find sandals I can stand in for 8 hours. On one of the first tables, I spotted (pun intended?) some super cute sweaters with polka dots. A kelly green with navy dots, white with black dots and camel with black dots. And something about those cute sweaters looked veryyy familiar. 

Well wouldn't you know, I have seen the same thing in J.Crew! So alas, here is the next installment of Splurge vs. Steal! If cashmere and spending lots of monies is your thing, splurge on J.Crew. If you don't see polka dots living in your closet forever and you're on a budget, pick Old Navy! You really can't go wrong with either, and the Old Navy choice is a tenth of the price of J.Crew.

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