Thursday, January 17


Something you all may not know about me is that I really, really enjoy cooking. I think much of it comes from my mom and watching and help her cook dinner for our family every night. Now, I am by no means an expert chef and if you looked at my pinterest board, you might be concerned that I only eat pasta (a lot of mac and cheese), mexican, and chicken.... which wouldn't be far from the truth. But I'm getting to a point where I can just whip something together without a recipe and it turns out completely delicious. Like this pasta I made the other night - so simple and SO good. I was inspired by one of my favorite dishes at Biaggi's, an Italian restaurant at home. Biaggi's recipe uses chicken and red pepper, but I forgot about the red pepper and ham seemed easier than cooking chicken. I highly suggest this for a weeknight meal - it's so easy to make for one and is really good for leftovers!

Alfredo Pasta with Bacon, Ham, and Peas (super fancy name, I know)
1 box your choice of noodles, I decided on shells
1 can Clasico Alfredo sauce
1 thick slice of ham from the deli
2 slices of turkey bacon
1 package of frozen peas, I like the individual Steamers bags.

Cook noodles - don't need to use the whole box, just a cup or so depending on your choice for leftovers. While noodles cook, dice the ham and cut the bacon into little pieces and saute with butter in a pan (Probably cook for about 5ish minutes). Cook peas according to directions. Drain noodles, add ham, bacon, and peas and top with alfredo sauce! Voila!


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Blogger Ashley said...

Super fancy name but I bet it tastes great!

Blogger Rachel Black said...

Ha! Very fancy but delicious! I obviously recommend it!


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