Tuesday, March 5


With spring right around the corner, my clothing wish list continues to grow and grow. Maxi dress, maxi skirt. Denim vest. Floral jeans. New dresses. Strappy shoes. Yep.... it's about a mile long. One piece I think would be the perfect addition to my closet is a silk cami. I've long been admiring Tibi's silk camis in both the the style above and the halter version. Unfortunately, I haven't been admiring the price tag as much. Splurging $158 for a silk cami isn't exactly a casual purchase. Luckily, J.Crew has introduced an updated version of their silk cami in time for spring. While J.Crew's version is still just under $100, it's a little bit more manageable and almost an identical product. I personally love the citrus and lavender - wouldn't they look great with a good tan?!

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Blogger Whitney said...

i love my silk cami from jcrew. i wear it all.the.time!


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