Tuesday, June 4


Are you ever packing, wishing you had a Mary Poppins bag, where basically anything and everything could fit in it? I know that I am constantly cramming an extra pair of shoes or a hairdryer or another outfit into my bag when I'm traveling, especially if I'm flying. Thanks to Lo & Sons, a newish brand to me, you can fit everything (that can reasonably fit) into their bags. 

I have seen bloggers post about the O.G. bag and O.M.G. bag and if I were regularly traveling for business or still in school I would definitely want to invest in one of these beauties. They are so sleek, and by proof of Megan's demonstration, they really do fit a TON of stuff. Longchamp was a popular bag to carry in college, but I think anyone who has had one of these bags can confirm that they are not the most organized. the O.G. and O.M.G. have a spot for everything, so you don't have to be digging frantically in your bag for your passport or chapstick or cell phone (we've all been there!) The Catalina is a great bag for a weekend trip or for the beach - any bag that can easily fit a beach towel is an awesome bag in my opinion, and it's a little bit more affordable.

Do any of y'all have a Lo & Sons bag? What's your opinion?


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Blogger Letra said...

I've been searching for the perfect weekend tote, and I adore the Catalina!

Thanks for posting.



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