Tuesday, January 7


Who's over the cold?! I am most definitely done with the frigid temperatures. I know that I don't have it as bad living in Nashville, but it was 1 degree this morning. I thought I moved south to get away from that kind of weather!! Officially ready for spring and summer.

So I have always been a fan of statement necklaces because they can make a plain outfit become pretty awesome. And while I am still in love with Dannijo and J.Crew and BaubleBar and all those fun statement necklaces, I've recently been drawn to more delicate pieces. I especially love when necklaces are layered at different lengths... something about it just feels very feminine, classic, and beautiful. I've been searching through Etsy, and there are so many affordable options that would make it easy to begin a collection.

What do you think? Are you a statement necklace girl or do you prefer to keep it simple?

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Blogger Jackie said...

Love all this jewelry. I think simple can be more a statement than big and bold sometimes. As far as the weather here in Nashville, I keep telling everyone that I moved away from New England to skip out on the cold, what happened?!

Blogger Ashley said...

My hand is raised so high for someone who is over the cold. Bring on the warm weather, skirts and dresses without tights and all of the pretty, dainty jewelry above!

Blogger Alyssa said...

Like you, I love a good statement necklace but dainty jewelry is where it's at for me. Especially delicate gold pieces!

Blogger Rachel Black said...

Thanks for the comment Alyssa! Do you have any go-to places for dainty jewelry? I'm open to all suggestions!!


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