Friday, January 3


Oh, the infamous words of Rebecca Black. This is a great kind of Friday because yesterday felt like Monday. As I was driving to work in the pouring rain I actually thought to myself, "well this is a crappy way to start Monday." Except it wasn't Monday, it was Thursday. Parades and cheers all around! 

This weekend my sister and her best friend are driving through Nashville on their way moving her out of Athens and I cannot wait! My sister hasn't been in Nashville for the weekend so I'm excited to go to a yummy dinner and go down on Broadway or something fun. We like to dance to good live music, so dancing to good live music is what we shall do! Thank goodness I live in a city with plenty of that.

Hope all of you in the Midwest/Northeast are surviving the snow. It's pretty to look at but not fun to be in, right? I'm personally already over the cold (it was 13 degrees this morning) and am looking forward to sunny days and happy dresses and sandals and tans like the girl has going on above.

Have a happy weekend - see you all on Monday!

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Blogger Maria Fischer said...

Gorgeous photo! (and I couldn't agree more about the weather. A midwesterner right here.)



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