Saturday, January 25


My apologies for the day late Currently post! Blogger was being kind of weird yesterday when I tried to post, so I couldn't get this live. But here we are! This week, I am loving the most recent Everygirl apartment tour. Did you see it? I always enjoy the apartment tours, but this is probably my favorite in a really long time. Not to mention, the story was great as well. If you haven't seen, check it out ASAP! Other things on my radar: this great and affordable tortoiseshell cuff, a comfy shirt from Loft that I'm kicking myself for not grabbing while my size was in stock, and a pretty Valentine's Day card from Sugar Paper. The Archipelago Soy Milk lotion has been saving my skin during this cold, dry winter, which I have been over for about a month now! These sad gray skies make me want to brighten my day with this great spring/summer purse. So colorful and fun!


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