Monday, January 6


I think one of the most difficult parts about growing up (aside from finding a job and actually becoming a put together adult with real furniture) is saving money. I have never been particularly amazing at it, if I'm being completely honest. If I have it, I'm probably spending it, which is not a good way to live. Especially when you get into situations like needing a car repair or putting down a deposit for an apartment. Eventually, I can't turn to mom and dad every time I need help (but I'm so thankful that they help me when I need it :) )

Luckily, I came across this saving schedule on Carly's blog a few weeks ago and just thought it was the best thing ever, which is why I'm now sharing it with you! How simple - save the number of dollars for every week of the year. And what perfect timing now that it is January 3! I'm sure this gets a little bit more challenging as the weeks go up - saving $50 a week could prove challenging during the holiday season - but I think the overall point is that it's easy to save and that money can add up quickly if you find a system that works for you. 

The great part about this saving schedule is that it can be tailored to suit you. If saving $30-$50 a week seems a little daunting, when you get to week 26, repeat it again, but going backwards so that by Christmastime, you only have to be saving $4, $3, $2, and $1. It won't necessarily bring you $1,378 in savings, but it will be a nice sum ($702 to be exact!) 

This is definitely something I am going to tackle in 2014. Do you all have any great money saving tricks? I would love any and all help!

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Blogger Jessica S said...

Oh man I definitely need to work on my savings! Grad students don't necessarily roll in the cash, but I should stop making excuses and start taking action! Thank you for sharing :)


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Blogger dee and missy said...

Great idea! My husband and I are saving for a house so this would definitely be beneficial and help curb my shopping habit lol... Happy Weekend!


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