Sunday, January 26


There weren't too many "what the hell was she thinking" outfits at the Grammys, at least no Miley in a weird leotard or Lady Gaga in a costume made of meat, although Kacey Musgraves weird beadazzled light up dress was awful. Hands down, 100%, the star of the night was Taylor Swift. I'm not kidding, I can't even focus on anyone else's style because I'm just obsessing over what T.Swift did on the red carpet and stage. Let me just geek out for a second and then the obsessing will stop.

As soon as I saw her on the pre show with Ryan Seacrest I knew she was the best dressed. Her Gucci chain link dress was perfect beyond perfect, and I love that she styled it with simple jewelry and a ponytail. Not to mention when asked about it she responded with "It's like chain mail... I think it's bulletproof... It's really heavy." I mean, I think that about covers it.

And then just when I don't think she can get any better, she pulls out this masterpiece of a performance and dress. I'm particularly liking what her hair is doing and even thought to myself "okay, how can I make my hair look like that?" Maybe I need to almost break my neck in head whips.

This Grammys performance was just so raw and emotional and she killed it. Like always. So take that, Jake Gyllenhal. Five head whips and a standing ovation later and I'm pretty sure Taylor wins this one. If you missed the performance, check it out here.

Who was your favorite of the night? Dresses and/or performances?


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Blogger Laura (bright and beautiful) said...

I totally agree - I thought Taylor was best-dressed, too!


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