Friday, March 7


I'm just so glad it's the weekend, aren't you? I don't know why, but this week seems like it has just gone on forever. It is supposed to be springy and warm, so I'm planning on spending time outdoors in the sunshine, maybe grilling out or sitting on a patio, sipping a drink. Sunday is Daylight Savings, which officially means our days will be longer. That might be better than Christmas, at this point.

Things I'm loving this week: How perfect is this hot pink Equipment dress? It would be a closet go-to for me, and if pink isn't your thing, don't worry because it also comes in black and blue. This little purse from Gigi New York is the perfect color and size for the warm weather months ahead. It is big enough to hold a phone, credit card, and lip gloss, but small enough to look a little dressier than an everyday bag. The blue and green vases from Target's Threshold line (can Target do anything wrong?) are so pretty and I love the idea of pink peonies and tulips in them. Finally - my sister gifted me this awesome print for Christmas, along with 3 others. She's insanely talented (check out her website) and I'm just obsessed. I haven't hung them yet - how do you hang anything on plaster walls?? - but I can't wait to get them up.

Happy Friday, happy weekend!


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