Monday, March 10


This weekend was so perfect. It was the kind that you want to last forever, with no threat of work on Monday. After a really harsh and cold winter, the sun finally shone and Nashville got some temperatures in the high 60s. I think everyone in this city was celebrating outside. On Saturday I took a walk around the neighborhood, literally trying to soak in as much Vitamin D and fresh air as I could. 

The Grilled Cheeserie was parked in 12 South, so Patrick and I met there for lunch. The line was so long, which goes to show how good the grilled cheeses are. It's not Kraft singles going on these puppies (although I won't discriminate against any grilled cheese). We both got the Pimento & Chee and the wait was well worth it. Can't believe this was the first time I've had The Grilled Cheeserie!

Then me and some girlfriends headed to Midtown for a crawfish boil at Soulshine. We had such a great time being outside, listening to live music and (some of us) eating crawfish. Later in the evening, Mary Jeanne and I went to Patrick's for a cookout (how can you not love warm weather?!!) and then made our way back to Midtown for some fun at Loser's. It was too fun and just what I needed to get me out of this cold weather funk.

Hope you all had an equally great and sunny weekend. Now to tackle a full week of work.

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Blogger Hannah Jane said...

Yay! My picture made your blog! Loved hanging with you last weekend :)


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