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One of my goals for 2014 was to start exercising more. After being nearly two months into 2014, I'm making getting fit a priority. I went to the gym twice last week and it was actually really nice. I was able to decompress and get any frustration and stress out through working out. I also started sleeping better through the night, which is definitely a plus.

Now that I'm becoming quite the exerciser (ha!) it's time to get some activewear. Typically I wear just a tshirt and shorts to the gym, but if I'm planning on sweating, I think it's better to get some breathable activewear. I've seen a lot of praise for Old Navy's workout gear and after browsing through their selection, I have to say I'm impressed. As great as it would be to rock Lululemon 24/7 at the gym, who really has the disposable income for a $60 top you're going to sweat in?! I mean that's just absurd to me. So Old Navy's price points are awesome and right on target with my budget, not to mention the clothes are cute! I'm definitely going to head out to Old Navy this weekend and pick up a few things. Then I'll be hitting the YMCA in style!

Have y'all ever worn Old Navy Activewear? What do you think?


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Blogger Jordon said...

The only workout gear I buy is Old Navy! I live in the compression capris and mesh tanks! they are perfect for my boxing classes!

Blogger Rachel {Love This Life} said...

Awesome! Everyone I've talked to has had such positive reviews! Way to step it up, Old Navy!


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