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A couple weeks ago I had the chance to go to a local blogger event at The Cosmetic Market in Green Hills. I'm secretly a wannabe beauty junkie - I would love to just have endless amounts of money to try different products - so this event was so fun for me. While we sipped on margaritas, beauty consultants tried different products on us. One of the products I walked away with was Bare Mineral's new liquid foundation, and I'm obsessed. 

A little background - for years I was a devoted user of the Bare Minerals powder foundation, but then I felt like I needed something with longer lasting coverage and switched to another brand's liquid foundation. When I found out about Bare Mineral's new foundation a few weeks ago, I oh-so conveniently ran out of the foundation I was using. Perfect timing to try out Bare Minerals Bare Skin.

Y'all. It doesn't even feel like you have makeup on, but the coverage lasts all day long. It blends so well into my skin and leaves it looking more even and bright. Not to mention, it has the most bare ingredients, with no silicone, parabens, oil, or fragrance. There's 20 shades, it's $29 (!!!!!) and it rocks. Definitely have a makeup consultant find the shade that's right for you - it took us about 2 different shades to find the perfect one.

Thank you to Cosmetic Market for such a fun event and introducing me to new products!

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Blogger Ash - The Nashvillian said...

I use EVERYTHING Bare Minerals and ONLY Bare Minerals - foundation, blush, eye shadow, mascara, lip gloss, face wash, lotion, etc. I wasn't kidding when I said everything. haha. I love it, and it's the only product that doesn't make me break out. However, I absolutely HATE the Bare Minerals store in the Green Hills mall. The girls always try to sell me something other than what I wanted and they are for the most part just very rude individuals. So, conveniently, I started buying all my products at Cosmetic Market. I love the workers there! Wish I had known about this event - but being a new blogger and not necessarily a fashion/beauty blogger, I prob. wouldn't have been invited anyway, haha.


Blogger Rachel {Love This Life} said...

I love Cosmetic Market. Such a great experience and so many products. They really know what they are talking about! Ash, you should join Blog Nashville if you haven't already. I think that's how my name and email got out for blogger events!

Anonymous The Cosmetic Market said...

Thanks for the great post Rachel! We loved having you at our first ever blogger event and are so glad you found a new foundation! Enjoy, and we hope to see you shopping around the "markets" soon!


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