Thursday, November 13


So yesterday actually felt like winter, which I'm not ready for one bit. Is anyone else wondering where fall went?! With this sudden drop in temperatures, I've looked at my coat collection and decided I definitely need a winter coat update. I have some great coats for fancier occasions, but as for an everyday, great winter coat... that's missing. 

I've rounded up a few options that I love that are across the board in terms of price (especially when you consider Banana Republic's consistent 35-40% off deals!) I want something that hits mid thigh and is classic and I can wear for a few years, but with a little something different that makes it stand out from a peacoat. I personally am leaning towards 3 or 5, but 2 is sooo pretty with the red and the fur - what do you all think?!

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Blogger Ashley said...

#2 is gorgeous and needs to come home with me! The fur hood really makes it pop!

Blogger Rachel {Love This Life} said...

I know, I really like all of the colors offered in that style, but the red is so pretty. J.Crew can do no wrong when it comes to coats!

Blogger Sienna said...

i love the one w/ the fur!!


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