Tuesday, January 6



Happy 2015... 6 days late! I was out of town for New Years Eve and through the weekend, and Monday is, well, Monday, so today is the first day that I feel like I'm back at it after the holidays. The past two days have been a little rough waking up at 6:45, but coffee is slowly getting me through.

I am really excited for 2015. I feel like at this moment, I am the happiest and most content in my personal life as I have been in a very long time. I feel completely blessed by all the friends and relationships I have made in Nashville. My friends and I are starting a Bible study, which I am incredibly excited for. I have a great living situation, and I absolutely love, love, love this city. All in all, I am in the perfect place personally. 

I don't necessarily feel the same way about my professional life, but it's time for me to make that change in 2015. My bloggy friend Annie mentioned in a post that 2014 was the year she started blogging with intention and something about that inspired me. About 4 months ago, I posted on my Instagram that I wanted to kick blogging into high gear. I should have known better than to make that commitment right before the busiest season of my 9-5 job. But now, I feel ready. I recently got my monthly email from the Southern Blog Society and it announced that the 2015 SBS conference is in Charleston this June. It is my goal to be in a place with this blog that I am proud of. It has been awhile since I have truly challenged myself and I think making this blog something is exactly the kind of challenge I need. It's easy for me to feel overwhelmed by the vast number of bloggers, but I love the above quote. It's a great reminder, and it's going to be my motto going into 2015.

Expect a lot more from me. It's going to be awesome. Let's do this.


Blogger Annie Reeves said...

I am EXCITED about this!! And can't wait to have you in Charleston in a few months. <3 <3 <3


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