Friday, January 9


Who is happy to see the weekend here? I'm not going to lie, the second half of this week wasn't as bad as I expected. But I am SO GLAD that Friday is here because my family gets in town today! And not just my mom and dad or my brother but EVERYONE. Mom, Dad, Jane, Peter AND David. It just makes me so happy that my favorite people are going to be in one place and experiencing Nashville together. Peter turns 21 on Saturday, so we can thank him for this excursion. I'm so, so happy and excited about it. Keep up with all the fun on instagram. I'm sure I'll be posting a lot :)

Not to be like everyone else, but here are a few things I'm loving this week. If you haven't seen these links, enjoy! If you have, well, enjoy again! Have a great weekend!

Nicole Kidman and Jimmy Fallon // I can't get over how funny this is.
Free Chipotle Burrito // Who doesn't love that? Worth trying sofritas, if you ask me.
Madewell New Arrivals // I want so many things. UGH. Where are you warm weather?
She Reads Truth // I'm doing the Bible in 365 Days Challenge. It's pretty cool.
Kings of Leon + Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition // Nashville is killing it, per usual. I want to go.

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