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One of my favorite things about blogging is connecting with other bloggers throughout the country. I feel very lucky to be nominated by both Megan of The Things She Sees and Andrew of Between the Highway and Home for the Liebster Award. The award is designed to recognize and promote up-and-coming blogs, and it's completely nominated by bloggers.  I went to college with both Megan and Andrew, and while their blogs could not be more different, they are both fellow Hoosiers and I love that! Check out their blogs - both are amazing and I foresee great things for them.

As part of the Liebster Award, I have a few questions to answer, and then bloggers of my own to nominate. Bear with me and the length of this post - I will try to make it short and sweet!

From Megan: 
1. Where does your blog name come from? Life is too short and too special to not be totally, utterly in love with it. Whether it's a fun new piece of clothing, a delicious recipe, or time spent with family and friends, there is always a little something that makes each day and this life wonderful.
2. What are you passionate outside of blogging? Since moving to Nashville, I have become a huge foodie. I'd like to think that it's not in snobbish way, but I genuinely love trying new restaurants that pop up. Nashville has just exploded, especially in the food scene, in the 2.5 years I've lived here. It's kind of incredible.
3. What do you do for a living?  I work for a local ad agency doing media planning.
4. What is your favorite blog? There are so many that I follow, so it's hard to say. I love Annie Reeves, Turquoise and Teale, Holy City Chic, Sequins and Stripes, and Lemon Stripes. Their content is so digestable and easy to read.
5. Who is your biggest celebrity crush? I'm in season 2 of Friday Night Lights, so naturally Tim Riggins. Dreamboat.
6. Name three dream places you want to visit someday. Italy, Wine Country, Spain
7. What has been your biggest accomplishment so far in the blogging world? Going to the Southern Blog Society conference last year was one of the biggest steps I've taken. I literally knew no one, but it was a great opportunity. I'm really looking forward to this year's in Charleston!!!!
8. Where do you see your blog in 5 years? I don't know if Love This Life will ever take off, but I hope that I continue to inspire the readers who follow me. I have a lot of short term goals that include investing in a nice camera, taking more original photography, etc. I just want to continue having fun.

From Andrew:
1. If you had the opportunity to live in any other time period other than our own, which would it be? I loved the show American Dreams and while the 60s/70s might be cheesy, I think it's so interesting. Or the 20s, but only if I was going to Gatsby's parties.
2. How many generations back can you trace your family? Do you know where your ancestors came from? Yikes, not good at this. My mom's family is from Germany. My dad's family is from Wales... I think.
3. How does where you grow up differ from where you currently live? Ha, well I grew up in Champaign, IL where the University of Illinois is. It's a total college town and I loved it, although now that I'm in Nashville, I can't imagine living in a smaller town. There's always something going on and so many opportunities.
4. If you could have a conversation with any person who is no longer alive (famous or otherwise) who would it be and why? My Grandpa Otto. He passed away in June and now that he's gone, there's so many things I would love to ask him... not even super deep questions, just things like how to invest my money and why he loved the Green Bay Packers so much. The little things, you know?
5. Name one item you own that you know you will still have and still use in ten years. I'm looking around my house... My couch? Maybe?
6. What do you believe to be your best virtue or virtues? I don't know a stranger.
7. If you knew at eighteen years old what you know now, in a single paragraph, what advice would you give? You will do everything exactly how you should, even if it doesn't seem like it. The year after graduating college is the hardest, and no one will tell you that. But you make it through, and it makes you appreciate the years and friends after.
8. Tell your readers the one place in the world that you believe they should visit before they die and why. Chicago. It's a big city, but so clean. And go in the summer.
9. What are you most sentimental about and why? My family. Now that I'm older and we all live a flight or long drive away, I think I appreciate the time we are all together so, so much more.
10. What is the most important thing your father or a relative father-figure taught you? It's not necessarily something that I was taught, but my dad indirectly taught me to be appreciative. I had a conversation with my sister the other day about how lucky and grateful we are that our parents have given us such great lives.
11. Ohio State or Oregon? I'm watching this now. I'm going to go with Ohio State.


I'm nominating the following bloggers, and here are my questions!
Annie Reeves // Megan Stokes, Holy City Chic // Jen McLaughlin, Comfortably Chic

1. What made you decide to begin blogging?
2. Story behind the name of your blog?
3. 9-5 job if it isn't blogging?
4. Currently binge watching on Netflix?
5. One place you would like to travel in 2015 is (and why)....
6. Favorite season and why?
7. Last meal?
8. Favorite thing about the city where you currently live?'
9. Best gift you've ever given? Received?
10. Go to outfit?
11. Biggest goal for your blog in 2015?

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Blogger Annie Reeves said...

Wahoooo thanks for the nomination!! I always love reading and doing interviews like this, so I'm pumped to get it up on the site. LOVE YA BLOGFRIEND.


Blogger Rachel {Love This Life} said...

YAYYYY!!!! Can't wait to see your answers!!!!!


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