Wednesday, May 25

what to wear: wedding attire in your late 20's

The past weekend officially kicked off this year's summer weddings. I don't know about you all, but I'm at the point in life where I have LOTS of weddings. Like, 9 this year, with one this weekend!!! With weddings comes shopping for dresses, and I personally have a tough time finding age appropriate dresses. It's the Britney Spears conundrum - I'm not a girl, not yet a woman! Although I guess I am technically a woman, just a young woman. When I'm shopping for dresses now, I want a balance of pretty but chic, appropriate but a little sexy. I don't want something too sweet, and trendy, but rather beautiful and timeless - something I can feel confident wearing year after year. Is this a challenge for anyone else, or just me?!

A few good brands I've found that accomplish that strange, mid-to-late 20's to early 30's gap: Elizabeth & James, Club Monaco, Milly, Tibi, Rebecca Taylor, etc. etc. I've pulled together a few of my favorite options below, and I actually ordered this Club Monaco dress for a wedding in June.

(comes in white, too! and is on sale for under $130!)

(comes in multiple colors, on sale for under $170!)

(not as simple, but I think it's fun and could be worn year after year)

(I think this is GORGEOUS. Also comes in red and is on sale for under $225)

(I think there's something really pretty about this. Comes in black too, would love with gold jewelry!)

What are your go-to places for dresses? I'd love to hear where you all shop!

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