Thursday, May 21

officially summer... to me!

In about 30 minutes, me and six of my closest friends are leaving for southern Illinois for the weekend. Bethany and Whitney have a lake house on Lake of Egypt in Marion, IL, and as tradition, we have to make one stop there during the summer. Because we are all going separate ways starting Tuesday, (Kaitlyn leaves for NYC!) we are having our last hoorah over Memorial Day. 

It's not ironic at all, that I'm spending Memorial Day weekend with these girls. Since I joined the country club when I was 10, I'm pretty sure that the last weekend of every May was spent at the pool, minus a few. Friday was always the big summer kickoff - the Splash Party, with a DJ, late night swimming and of course, snack bar food. For us, this was a weekend of reunion. We didn't go to the same schools so we rarely saw each other during the year. Yet when May rolled around, we were back in action. C*babes, as many have heard me say, originated before we even know it. We were 11, 12, and 13, carefree, jumping off the diving boards in our one pieces and glow in the dark necklaces, ready for another great summer. 

And now as I'm getting ready to leave, I realize that although we aren't spending our summer laying at the pool playing cards, eating french fries, and driving Lance and Crispy Chicken crazy, we will always think of each other and our childhood summers, and all of the fun we had.


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