Saturday, June 6

1 week down, only 10 to go :(

Wow, I can't believe I've already I have been here for a week. I already know this summer is going to go by way too fast and I am not going to want to leave everyone I have met!

So ali and I made it through orientation. By the last day, I was sooo ready to be on the beach guarding. Our last day of orientation we shadowed two guards at the Sea Pines. They had to set up 80 sets (one set equals two chairs and an umbrella) so we got there at 7:45 and even with four of us it took to almost 9 to be done.

Thursday was our first day of work! ....and it rained. Haha it was definitely interesting because even if it is raining you still have to be on the beach. So for the most of the morning there was no one on the beach around me so I hung out with brooke, a girl doing rentals. Friday.. It rained again. Today it was beautiful! I actually had to assist people with things and went on the radio twice even though I probably sounded like a total idiot.

Tonight for training we had kayak relays. Omg, one of the most difficult things ever. Basically you have a team of six and one by one you swim out to the buoys in the water, go around it and come back. Once you get to the rest of your team in the water, you get out of the kayak and someone runs it to shore and brings it back. The waves were pretty big tonight so everyone was flipping over, getting run into, all that. But it was still a lot of fun! My team came in fourth out of nine or ten teams. It was just really fun being with all the guards.

Speaking of the guards, my fellow employees, they are so great. Its so refreshing to hang out and be friends with people who WANT to get to know you and be your friend. I don't think I have ever had as many people come up to me and say "I don't know you, what's your name?" I have already met some really great people and made friends and its only the first week.

Another thing - all the boys are good looking. I don't know if its that a tan boy is instantly that much more attractive but something is working!

Ali and I have gone out/have drank four of the six nights we have been here. Sunday, when we didn't know anyone and wednesday, when we had our first day the next day. Last night some boys came over and we just chilled and played drinking games, went on the boat and had golf cart rides. Tonight we have a potluck for all the girl lifeguards so we can get to know more people. I think the boys are pretty sad we are unavailable tonight, hahah..

Well I have so much more I could say about this job, but I think saying that I'm going to have the best summer ever pretty much sums it up... And. I have to go get ready!

Peace, love, baywatch



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