Monday, June 1

beach life... not a bad life!

Hello from the beautiful HHI!

Well, ali and I have made it to the island... We made the wonderful 13 hour drive and got in around 12:15 on Saturday night. We decided to unpack then instead of waiting until morning, then went to bed!

The next day we got up and hung out for a little bit. Then we went and met emily at the beach where she was working. It was really fun seeing her and talking to her about the summer. After that we stopped by the Shore Beach office to check in and make sure we knew where to go for orientation, then went to lunch and grocery shopping. Our cart at Publix was seriously loaded and our receipt (which is now on the refrigerator) was like 3 feet long hahaha. Hopefully we can get by for awhile!

When we were finished with all that, we came back to the house and craaaashed. It felt so good to nap! For dinner we went to the Santa Fe Cafe with Ali's grandpa and his friend. It was delicious! We came back to the house and tried to go to sleep early because of our 7 am wake up call! Unfortunately that didn't go as we wanted and I don't think neither ali nor I fell asleep until close to 1.

This morning began our 3 day orientation. Our group is 6 guards including us. One of the girls, Martha, is from Wales!!! Allie I know you will be so excited about that. Another guy whose name I forget just graduated from iu, imagine that! Orientation was long (it went from 8 to 5) but it got us excited to actually work! Ill be working in a high chair thursday through saturday at different spots on the beach.

Right now we are sipping on some firefly and lemonade, eating chips and salsa and loving life. There is a guard party at Caseys, this sports bar and grill! Hopefully it will be fun and we will get to know some more guards!

Hope everyone is enjoying their summers, I know I am!


Anonymous allieeeeeee said...

YAYYAYAYYAYAYAY WALESSSSSSSSSS!!! fabulous martha, send her my love and tell her she's bloody brilliant! :) also what's firefly?


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