Sunday, June 14

can we 10 25 so we can get 10 6 in the dunes?

I'll give whoever knows what this post is entitled $5.. Oh shore radio codes and what we make of them!

Well officially two weeks are down now! I made it all last week surviving high chair guard... And after one day of doing rentals, I'm pretty sure I prefer rentals to high chair. Last week I treated two sting ray wounds, cleared the water for shark sightings, caught a loose dog, helped a little boy find his parents, and tell people that no, they cannot take the starfish and sand dollars from the beach. Oh very exciting things let me tell you! Unfortunately I started to get sick on wednesday and then felt really really bad thursday and friday so saturday I called in sick.. I went to urgent care and found out I have a sinus infection that is attacking my throat.. No wonder it felt like a thousand knives were being shoved down my throat!

Tuesday night we went to caseys (of course) which was soooo fun. We karaoked to oops I did it again, promiscuous girl, don't stop believing and one other song I don't remember haha...

Wednesday we had a lifeguard thing at this bar where we got free food so that was pretty sweet... But erica brooke and I went home early, stopping by the smokehouse to get some of that delicious corn bread and blockbuster for he's just not that into you. It was nice to have a girls night and just relax...

Thursday we had a surprise party at remys for doug. Sadly I felt really reaaally sick at this point so I ended up going home early. I'm just hoping I start feeling tons better before wednesday!

Next week starting thursday we have lifeguard competition. We are all divided into 5 teams; I'm on the punishers and ali is a sea monkey hahaha. Thursday is the 500 meter swim and 2k run, monday is the run swim run, 100 meter dash and 4x100 relay and wednesday beach flags! It should be really fun and if you are a top finisher you get to go to regionals.

It continues to be as much fun as ever on the island, and I will continue to update! As for now I'm going to bed, got on early wake up call!



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you and your radio codes.


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