Thursday, June 25

can't read my lifeguard face, is she asleep or is she awake?

Wow I have not posted in a very long time! When ali and I started our jobs we thought it would be so relaxing... Be on the beach all day, come home and lay around, read a book... But no. Our typical day goes like this:
745 get to the beach if doing rentals, 845 if high chair.
Work till 5, go to the office to sign out, get home around 6 or later.
Shower fast for competition, training, a potluck, dinner, whatever.
Go out.
Do it all over again.

While its crazy and busy, I love it. There really is something always going on and with 80 lifeguards, you can always find someone to do something with.

The past week we have had our lifeguard competition. All the guards are drafted by the supervisors onto one of the five teams. I was on team punisher and ali was on the sea monkeys. We had three different days of competition. Last thursday was the surf swim and 2K run. For the surf swim you had to swim out to a buoy in the ocean then parallel to the shore to the other buoy then back into land. Really, really hard. I ended up getting 8th so I was happy with that. Then the 2K run started and I thought I was going to die, my legs seriously felt like lead. I made it through though and got an amazing 25th place. Clearly running is not my strong point.

Monday was the run swim run, 100 meter dash and 4x100 relay. For the run swim run we start off running 200 meters, then swim 300 meters out to a buoy and back in, then run a final 200 meters. Again, so hard! I really need to get in shape haha. But I got 7th in that and then 7th or 8th in the 100 meter dash so I got some points for our team!

Last night was the final night - beach flags. This is the most fun event of competition because its like a game. We were all put into heats of twelve. We would lay down in the sand and make a little hole with our bodies so we were only laying in hard sand. Behind us, garden hose was stuck in the sand, but we couldn't see it. When the whistle blew, we had to jump up, turn around and sprint to get a hose. The catch is that there is one less hose than girls, so each round someone gets out. Each heat goes until there are only four girls left, then those four girls make it to finals. Well what do you know, beach flags just might be my calling! Never having played, I made it to finals and ended up getting sixth (should have done better). I kind of want to play it for fun which ali thinks is just really weird but whatever.

I'm also getting really buff. My arms are getting nicely toned but I'm fearing they will be manly by the end of the summer!! I can carry 3 umbrellas at a time (at the beginning of the summer I couldn't even carry 2) and I'm needing to learn how to double stack chairs because I think I could carry four chairs at a time instead of 2. My friend chris can triple stack chairs which is 6 chairs being carried at a time and this girl on staff can carry 9, yes NINE umbrellas at one time. I have yet to see it but I think I would be amazed.

Today is our day off so I think the plan is to go to the beach, go figure, to try and get our little tummies tan and just relax and read and listen to music like all those lucky vacationers we watch do.

Next week is a busy week with canada day (bigger at shore beach than the fourth of july) and the fourth. Ali and I will be having our own 3rd dance party here in HHI, don't worry chanpaign!

Keep yall posted...


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live the dream, rach. live it.


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