Saturday, July 11

just a northern girl living in a southern world

The good news is I made it through the crazy 4th of july week! So where to start on updating on my life?

Two saturdays ago was the pants party at remys. Everyone was supposed to wear the most outrageous pants we could find, but for the girls it was apparently less was more and a lot of girls wore more risque outfits. Ali and I and our friends lindsay, emily, and kelsey decided to take an alternate route and found these one piece crazy colored swimsuits and black sparkle leggings and played up the 80s aerobic instructor look. I'm pretty sure our outfits were a hit! We all got ready together and then our friends had a bunch of people over before we went out. Naturally ali, emily and I found chairs to stand on and danced our little hearts out... Hahaha. Remys was so much fun because there was a DJ so we fiiiinally got to dance and not feel stupid for it!

Last week for rentals I was at the beach and tennis club and ali worked at marriott grande ocean with our friend doug. I made friends with this group of probably five families that were at the beach all week. They had seven huge white tents on the beach and had dubbed themselves the red neck beach club... I'm talking a banner to hang, hats, trophies for their annual bocce ball tournament... They were great and it was so fun having them on my beach.

Last wednesday was canada day, which meant a lot of celebrating for lifeguards. Since the fourth is such a busy work day for us, no one ever wants to go out that night, so instead we celebrate canada day. We also have about 10 canadians on staff so that's another reason we celebrate it. For our costumes we did risky business canada day style with big red polos, white tube socks and big white maple leafs on the back. Again we obviously had the best outfits (hello was anyone surprised about that?) It was a fun night but for all the hype canada got I think I preferred the pants party.

I actually saved a life one day on the beach!!! A lady got bit by something in the water and her toe was all nasty and bleeding, so I stopped the bleeding and bandaged it up. I made sure it wasn't a sting ray wound but the lady wasn't complaining of intense pain like most sting ray victims do so I sent her on her merry way and told her to come back if she felt light headed. Well as Chelsea and I are cleaning up the trail of blood from the ocean to my chair, she comes back over saying she feels dizzy and lightheaded so chelsea takes her under my umbrella and I radio my supervisor requesting ems because in this time she passed out, got naseous, was in and out of consciousness, etc. I was shaking the entiiire time I was so nervous! Luckily the paramedics arrived and took care of it but it was crazy for awhile!

On the third ali's grandpa took a group of us out on the big boat for a little cruise after work. It was relaxing and a lot of fun... We just drank some beers and sipped on frosty frog, loving life.

On the fourth we were a little bummed because we have always been home for the holidays and didn't really know what to do! I think it was the first time we were truly homesick and it kind of put us in a sad mood for the beginning of the day. Our friend meghan, who is basically family with doug, invited us to picnic on the beach with their families that night, so we did that. It was really nice to spend the holiday with families like ours! We had empanadas and chicken for dinner, drank, played games and even made a fire - which is illegal. We were having a grand time until the deputy came and told us we had to leave or it would be a $1,815 fine.... So we did!

This past week I was an area 2 rotator which means I sit for guards during their lunch breaks. Waaay better than high chair that's for sure! My mom jane and the jeffersons came to visit this weekend which has been so much fun. Last night we went to brick oven with doug and his mom and ended up staying out till 1! Apparently on fridays this country cover band plays so we just danced the whole night away and it was so so much fun. As ali would say it might have been the best night of summer so far!

Tonight we are going to salty dog with the whole mackimm family and their friends from st. Louis... Here comes round two!!!

Living the life,



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