Wednesday, March 14

stella and dot

When I was in college, (like that was some far off time... let's be honest it hasn't even been a year) our sorority had a Stella and Dot trade show. I remember loving some of their statement necklaces, but the $150 price was a little too steep for me. I was just hoping I had enough money in my account to get me to the end of the semester which could be challenging given the increase in social events as the weather gets warmer. Regardless, Stella and Dot wasn't a name I forgot.

Today at work I decided to look at their website. While some of the jewelry is not exactly my style, I do like this clover necklace, especially the versatility of it, going from long to doubled up. At $70, it isn't exactly cheap, but it's a good piece that would get a lot of use without totally breaking the bank. I'll have to keep this one in mind or an eye out for something similar but cheaper.

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