Wednesday, March 21

On Kate Spade Time

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I'm proud to say that I have owned the same Michael Kors watch since the summer before freshman year of college. I'd like to think that I was ahead of the trend with Michael Kors watches, considering it seems like everyone on the planet now owns one, whether it's silver, tortoise, gold, or ceramic. I love mine because of it's overly large face and simple design - no glitz or glam. However, Mr. Kors might have some competition with Kate Spade debuting their first ever watch collection. Above are some of my personal favorites. Continuing with my pink obsession, I love the Cooper Strap in a neon pink and the Metro is a nice neutral color that is not a typical gold or silver. I've also been wanting a two toned watch for awhile now, so that would make the Cooper Bracelet a perfect addition. Looks like I better start saving!

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Blogger Whitney said...

rachel! my bday is coming up (september...?) and i'd love the first one. merci!!! :D


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