Tuesday, February 19


The beach has been on my mind 24/7 recently, and it's probably because I'm still in that mentality I've had since preschool that come March, I get a week off for Spring Break. Can I just say how much I would LOVE to be heading down to Key West or Seaside or the Bahamas or really anywhere warm in a few weeks?! I want to do nothing more than spend hours upon hours laying in the warm sun and feeling that nice ocean breeze. Which is why I've come to a conclusion. Spring Break should not be exclusive to those going to school and teachers, but open to everyone. Let's be honest, in college you use the break as a way to go to an fun place and pretty much drink an entire week straight, coming back to school more tired than when you left (not that it's necessarily a bad thing). However, if I got Spring Break as an adult, I would definitely be using the time to relax and recharge my batteries. It's too bad I don't have the patience to be a teacher.... then this wouldn't even be an issue :) So who's with me? Should we start a Spring Break movement?!

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Blogger j whitney nic said...

Count me in. Just discovered your blog and I love it!

Blogger Rachel Black said...

Thank you so much!!! I love to hear that :) I will have to check out yours as well!


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