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One of my favorite things to do is try new places to eat. Living in Nashville, there are so many amazing restaurants to try, so my friends have made a bucket list of all the places we want to go. Luckily with my job, I have the chance to eat out a lot for lunches and dinners and try new restaurants I probably wouldn't otherwise. I'm starting a new series called "Nashville Eats" where every Wednesday I'll be posting about a restaurant I've been to and will give my opinion on it (since I'm such a foodie, HA).  Even if you don't live in Nashville, this should be fun to read - who knows when you could be heading down South and need a restaurant recommendation!

For my first "Nashville Eats," I'm taking you to The Pharmacy, which is located in East Nashville - an up and coming area with some pretty awesome restaurants. The Pharmacy is said to have arguably the best burgers in town... and I wouldn't disagree with that statement. I've been twice now and it has been delicious both times. I've ordered the cheeseburger and while that sounds boring - it comes with 3 types of cheese, garlic aoili and tomato. It's delish. Friends have gotten the chili cheeseburger and stroganoff burger as well and have raved about it. The Pharmacy also has an old school soda fountain where you can make just about whatever kind of soda your heart desires and their milkshakes are the

I also really love the atmosphere - I'm really big on a restaurant's ambience. If I don't like the feeling I get from it, I'm probably going to like the food a little less. The Pharmacy delivers on ambience. It's just cool inside, and outside, they have a huge outdoor seating area where you can sit at picnic tables underneath strands of white lights. Just another reason I'm excited for this weather to warm up!

If you haven't been to The Pharmacy and live in Nashville, it's in your best interest to go as soon as you can. If you live out of town, make sure to add it to your checklist when you visit. If you have been, wouldn't you agree that it's pretty amazing? I'm definitely a believer!

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