Wednesday, March 13


Isn't the beginning of spring just wonderful? I apologize in advance to all my friends living in states where it's still snowing, but I just am loving the fact that my 10 day forecast has warmer temps and sunny days. Something you should know about me: I get genuine happiness and giddiness over simple things like seasonal changes (I love when it turns to fall as well) and I have a slight craze with Daylight Savings in the spring. Yes, that hour of lost sleep is just miserable, but that only lasts for about a day and then we are onto longer days, which is so worth it! 

Example A: Today I was at work until 6:15 and it was STILL LIGHT OUTSIDE!!!!!  Then I went to meet Patrick for dinner at Taqueria and it was STILL LIGHT OUTSIDE!!!!! I don't think it actually got dark until 7:00, which makes me filled with glee. No joke. I'm a serious freak - but does anyone else agree with me?! There's just something about warmer weather and longer days that doesn't make me want to go straight home post work and crawl into sweatpants and my bed.... thank goodness because I don't know how much longer I can take of that! :) Now I want to find a bicycle and roam around a pretty brick paved city like the girls above. Doesn't that just seem lovely?

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