Wednesday, May 15


Has anyone seen Verizon's recent commercial for the iPhone camera? I think the spot is done really, really well. I think what makes it so good is how relatable it is - have we not all taken at least 5 of the same pictures in the commercial?

However, as much as I love my iPhone camera, I'm wanting something that takes better photos. The iPhone is great when you have natural light, but in anything dark, it's not so awesome. I'm thinking of something major, like this Canon Rebel. It seems to be a huge favorite and I loved my Canon Powershot, so I can only imagine that I'd feel the same about this one. This camera is obviously pricey, so I think I'm going to start a little savings plan for it and do research on other cameras as well. Do you all have a fancy-pants camera? If so, which one? Any recommendations?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rebecca and I love ours! It is so worth it!!! GET ONE!!!


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