Monday, October 14


I think I'm done traveling... at least for a couple weeks :) I spent the past weekend in Louisville/Lexington for the Kentucky Double - Keeneland in the morning/afternoon, UK game after. Sara Michael, one of my best friends from college, lives in Louisville and since she had just celebrated her birthday earlier in the week, it was the perfect reason to go see her and continue in the birthday celebrations. 

We joined Smike's friend group of 35+ twenty somethings and rode a school bus (yes) to Keeneland, where we tailgated all morning, watched some races, socialized, and enjoyed the beautiful weather. Post Keeneland, the bus took us to UK's football stadium, where we tailgated more. Highlight of the night? Me, Sara Michael, and Janie made it on the jumbotron at the game! It was hysterical... and now we are basically celebrities.

It was such a great weekend, and I'm so glad that Sara Michael and I are only 2.5 hours away from each other... except it would be so much better if she just moved here post law school! I hope you all had a relaxing/fun/happy weekend, and your Monday is going well!

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Blogger Maggie Reardon said...

Love the sleeves on that dress! So cute!


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