Thursday, November 21


The Everygirl has long been one of my favorite websites. I think they do an amazing job of truly relating to the every girl. I really love the career features, because the team picks amazing women who have accomplished so much - whether through a large corporate environment or as an entrepreneur - and do great features on them. One of my favorite parts in the feature is when they ask what advice they would give to their 23-year old self. It's usually super inspiring and relevant to 24 year old me.

Long story short, you can imagine my happiness when the team opened The Everygirl Shop. It has a lovely little selection of prints and phone cases, featuring some of the great advice from the career features. Priced reasonably (nothing over $35), these are great gift items for this holiday season, when a friend lands a job or a big promotion, or to simply remind yourself of every day!

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Blogger Ashley said...

So pumped for the launch of this store. All of the iphone cases and prints are calling my name!

Blogger Rachel Black said...

Ah they are so good, right?! I want them to keep putting out more!


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