Wednesday, December 18


It has been about a year now that photographer Gray Malin has been on my radar... probably thanks to Sally and Molly or another one of my favorite bloggers. And y'all, I can't stop thinking about how I have to make one of his amazing photography prints mine. He flies all over the world, taking these gorgeous pictures, and I'm just so in love. This is seriously just a small, small sampling of the work he does and if you're not familiar, I highly encourage you to go to his site and check it all out. I spend way too long staring at all the beautiful images.

I think one of my favorite collections is La Dolce Vita. The series was inspired by the fabulous and famous Italian Riviera lifestyle in the 1950s and 60s. Do you not just want to jump in and be part of all of these shots? The Italian backdrop is gorgeous and all those pretty umbrellas.... ahhh! I think it partly brings some nostalgia from the days I spent working on the beach. Rows upon rows upon rows of beach umbrellas... although I hardly had Italy as my backdrop!

I also love the Prada Marfa collection, two of my favorite prints above. Marfa, TX is a famous arts town and just north of the city is a Prada store art installation - literally in what appears to be the middle of nowhere. The store is filled with shoes and purses from the 2005 collection and sealed shut on this dusty little highway. So cool, right? 

Okay so now that I have fully obsessed/gushed - what do you think? Are you hooked too?

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Blogger Andrea Fernanda said...

The beach shots, are beautiful!!! Love it!

Andrea Fer


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