Wednesday, January 28

101 in 1001

I've been working on this list for awhile, so it's about time I actually share it with you all! One of my blogger faves, Mackenzie Horan, started this bucket list project a few years back called 101 things in 1001 days. It's exactly how it sounds - you make a list of 101 things you want to do and try to complete them all in 1001 days, which is just under 3 years. I feel like I've actually done a lot that might have been on my list a year ago, so this was harder than I expected! I hope you enjoy my #101in1001 and I will be keeping you all posted on my adventures and accomplishments. Anything I am totally missing?!

1.   Travel to a city I’ve never been
2.      Travel to a state I’ve never been
3.      Travel outside of the country
4.      Volunteer for a cause I’m passionate about
5.      See a show on Broadway
6.      Send a friend a care package “just because”
7.      Learn to make Kranskugen (a family Christmas tradition - it's like a breakfast pastry!)
8.      Host a brunch party
9.      Host a dinner party
10.  Start a book club - November 2014
11.  Read every night before bed for a month
12.  Make myself lunch every (work) day for a month
13.  Learn calligraphy
14.  Go sky diving
15.  Visit Cummings Falls (Nashville)
16.  Visit Peter at South Carolina
17.  Visit David at his TBD college
18.  Be published on a website
19.  Grow my own herbs
20.  Go on a girl’s trip with my sorority sisters
21.  Buy a professional camera and learn to use it
22.  Join a church I connect with and love
23.  Join a bible study - January 2015
24.  Read the Bible in its entirety
25.  Go to a major sporting event
26.  Go to the drive-in movie outside of Nashville
27.  Go cabrewing
28.  See a show at the Grand Ole Opry
29.  Host a parent’s weekend with my friends
30.  Take a wine pairing class
31.  Take a cooking class
32.  Eat lobster on the east coast
33.  Write snail mail 5x instead of texting
34.  Donate to IU for a year, even if small
35.  Save $20 a week for a year
36.  Buy a pair of Converse sneakers
37.  Learn to blowout my hair
38.  Read three “educational” books
39.  Read 8 fictional books
40.  Go to a college tailgate outside the SEC or Big Ten
41.  Go back to IU for a basketball game
42.  Have my grandma tell me stories about growing up
43.  Make a full course dinner for someone I love
44.  See the Grand Canyon
45.  Visit wineries in California
46.  Buy a piece of art I love
47.  Attend a blogging conference
48.  Watch 5 classic movies I’ve never seen
49.  Splurge on something I love (shoes, purse, dress)
50.  Do something that scares me
51.  Go on a long vacation with my family
52.  Go rock climbing
53.  Have a 5-year college reunion
54.  Learn to grill… Well.
55.  Go a month without shopping
56.  Pay off my credit card in full each month for a year
57.  Find an exercise routine I stick to for a month
58.  Run a 5k
59.  Run a 10k
60.  Send birthday cards to my friends
61.  Try 8 new restaurants in Nashville
62.  Take a day trip somewhere outside the city
63.  Have a honky tonk bar crawl with friends
64.  Have a mom & daughter weekend in NYC visiting my sister
65.  Go to a Sounds game in the new stadium
66.  Buy a bike
67.  Ride bikes around Nashville
68.  Go to 3rd & Lindsley for a show
69.  Go to Marathon Music Works for a show
70.  Visit the Belle Meade Mansion
71.  Go to the Bluebird
72.  Host a cookie decorating party - December 2014, Christmas cookies!
73.  Surprise someone
74.  Turn off my phone for 24 hours
75.  Go to the driving range
76.  See Hootie and the Blowfish in Charleston
77.  Attend my 10-year high school reunion
78.  Breeder’s Cup in Lexington
79.  Bourbon trail in Kentucky - November 2014
80. Do an apartment tour on my blog
81.  Take a career risk
82.  Go camping
83.  Edit my closet to only things I love
84.  Go to a pumpkin patch/corn maze
85.  Bake a pie (literally the only thing I’ve never attempted baking)
86.  Host a theme party
87.  Start posting regular outfit posts on the blog
88.  Get coffee with someone in the Nashville community I don’t know
89.  Make my own pasta
90.  Make my own ice cream
91.  Play 9 holes of golf
92.  Play tennis with my dad
93.  Make my bed every morning for a month
94.  Have a picnic
95.  Start a tradition
96.  Do a DIY post on the blog
97.  Go to Motown Mondays in Nashville
98.  Leave a 100% tip
99.  Send someone flowers just because
100.   Have a girls night sleepover
101.   Celebrate 101 things in 1001 days!



Blogger Ashley said...

Such a fun list! Thinking #47 should be Charleston in June :) You could easily handle baking a pie, I promise!

Blogger Annie Reeves said...

Wahooooo I'm with Ashley :)


Blogger Rachel {Love This Life} said...

I'm thinking the same thing for #47!!! And yes, I think if I can bake a three tier cake, I can handle a pie... but I've never tried!

Blogger Rachel {Love This Life} said...

YAY!!!!! Fingers crossed :)

Blogger emily anne said...

I just published mine yesterday and I can't wait to get started. So fun to see what other people add to their lists, best of luck to you!

Blogger Rachel {Love This Life} said...

Ah that's so awesome! What great timing. I will have to check out your list as well!

Blogger Megan Marie said...

I LOVE this!!! I wanted to start a list (I love Mackenzie too) but totally forgot about it. You go girl. Also ^^^ saw comments above- is there a blogger conference in Charleston this year?! My fav city of all time. Ever!

Blogger Rachel {Love This Life} said...

Ah thank you! You should totally make a list - it's so fun and definitely holds you accountable to do new things :) The Southern Blog Society conference is in Charleston in June and I'm making it my mission to be there!! Charleston is my favorite city too :)


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