Friday, January 16


Whew! This week went surprisingly quick and I am HAPPY about that! Last night I went to a wine tasting and had a little too much wine, so things are a little slow and I don't have much for you today other than these pretty images. I added Tumblr to my iPad (I love having an iPad, by the way. Life changing) so it's been super easy to pin new stuff!  Follow me for continued prettiness!

In other big(ish) news, I started an Instagram account exclusively for my blog! The handle is @lovethislifeblog, so hopefully really easy to remember. I'm excited about it and would love your following! Check it out - lots of Nashville spots, new clothes, recipes, and quotes coming to your feed!!!

Hope everyone has an amazing weekend - I'm going to City House tonight for the belly ham pizza with a cracked egg (salivating right now) and some drinks and HIKING tomorrow because it's going to be in the 50s!!!!!! Let's all do a happy dance for that! And Sunday - GO PACK GO!

Peace out, sweet friends! Thank you for your continued support of my blog :)

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Blogger Nan P said...

Just started following your new instagram - I love having an instagram just for my blog, then I can post images so much more often without worrying about crowding up all my friend's feeds (and also avoiding the comments about my pictures being "artsy" teehe!)
I am right there with you about how great an ipad can be, so convenient!
xo Nan - Simply Elegant Blog

Blogger Rachel {Love This Life} said...

Thank you so much for the follow! I couldn't agree more with you - it's so nice to have people who want to follow those "blogger" photos versus meshing it with my personal account!


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