Tuesday, February 3


Do you all want to know something really exciting?

We are now officially in FEBRUARY! This means that despite the groundhog's prediction, we are one month further away from winter (bye bye, January!) and one month closer to spring. I think that's cause for celebration, don't you?

My typical form of celebration might be by buying myself something, but I'm participating in Frugal February. What is Frugal February you ask? Well, I'm not buying myself anything beyond basic necessities for the month of February. I figure February is a weird month anyways - it's not spring yet so I don't really need to buy warm weather clothes, but it's far enough into winter that I don't want to buy wintery clothes! Don't worry - I'll still be posting on all the things I'm lusting over!

I'm also taking it a step further and applying FF to eating out and happy hours. Part of the reason I'm doing this is because I realized so much of my paycheck goes towards these things and while I love a good happy hour and a Chipotle burrito bowl every now and then, I need to be more aware of how it adds up so quickly! It should also help me be more healthy - always a good thing. 

Feel like joining in? Please do! I'll need all the support I can get! I've included my rules below.


1. No retail purchase to be made (no matter how good the sale).
2. No eating out for lunch (on my own dime).
3. No eating out for dinner (on my own dime).
4. No spontaneous happy hours (only if planned far in advance because of an event or birthday).

Wish me luck!


Blogger Ashley said...

I was out shopping with my mom last weekend and couldn't even find anything I wanted to buy. February is such an un-motivating month to shop, so I definitely plan on not purchasing much. March on the other hand, I'll be in full on 'honeymoon' shopping. Better start saving now :)

Blogger Rachel {Love This Life} said...

Yes, agreed! Although of course now I'm finding little things I want! The Lilly Pulitzer x Target collection comes out in April so I definitely need to save for that!!! Honeymoon shopping sounds so fun!!!


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