Tuesday, June 21

Weekend Recap: Nashville

This past weekend was a good one! While I did travel AGAIN, it was a relaxed, fun weekend and I loved getting to be back in Nashville with my friends. 

Friday night my old coworkers and I went to Old Glory, a new bar in Edgehill Village. I wish I had better pictures of the space, but the ones I took are super grainy and do not do it justice at all. Just trust me on it - go. And I recommend the Birdie with gin - of the 4 drinks I tasted, that one was my favorite! 

Saturday morning, Mary Jeanne and I got our butt kicked at Orange Theory, and naturally followed it up with donuts from Five Daughters. We got the Maple Glaze and Peaches and Cream and both were delicious! 

Stopped by Warby Parker to get my sunglasses adjusted... it's just the prettiest space.

Saturday night we went to the Sounds game and got whiskey and coke slushies from The Band Box. It's this cool bar/outdoor game and lounge area in right field, brought to you by the owners of Pinewood Social, Patterson House, Paradise Park, etc... so naturally it's good. Had it not rained earlier, I think we would have spent more time at The Band Box, but tons of the lounge chairs were soaked. We ended up at Acme and a new bar - Crazytown - downtown, and had tons of fun singing and dancing.

Yes I took a screenshot from Kelsey's snapchat, no I don't care :)

Sunday brought church, lunch at Burger Up (I'd been craaaaaving it!) and then I was back on the road to KY. Thanks for another awesome, awesome weekend, Nashville! 

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Blogger Silex In The City said...

Looks like a great trip! That donut to-go window is adorable. Those peaches look so tasty!


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